My name is Jared Kleinkopf and I was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. I currently reside in Tampa Florida where I work and attend college fulltime. I am a six year Air Force veteran from the security forces career field. Most of my views and habits originate from the time that I served as it is still recent and occupied a good part of my young life.

I spend my free time studying and browsing subjects related to business that includes finance and economics. As I talk to people in my life, I realize that my generation (The Millennials) and those following do not have a solid grasp on how to handle their finances correctly and struggle with credit and debt issues. I am not even close to being an expert but I love to help those around me with solid steps they may need to begin a step ladder to success dealing with setting goals.

My mission is to inform, entertain, and engage my readers. My hope is that I can introduce you to simple ideas that can make everyone’s lives easier and your bank accounts larger.

My Picture Taken At Machu Picchu
My Picture Taken At Machu Picchu