1Getting my questions together for my sit down interview with a leader in the Tampa Bay Red Cross Chapter was fun but also challenging. I wanted to structure the article with the main focus being on the importance of young people getting out and involved in their communities. As I began to outline the interview, I realized that a good majority of my article would also have to be based on the person I was interviewing to make it relevant and give the story substance. So I began by switching some of the questions to focus more on the interviewee and her volunteering history and her point of view. I prepared for the sit down by buying an audio recorder that I could go back and listen to if I needed to refresh my memory on all that was covered. I made sure to be well dressed so my interviewee didn’t feel like I was waiting her time. I was taking it seriously and wanted the same respect in return. The first roadblock I came across was being told by the CEO of the Central Florida region of the Red Cross that she was completely busy for every minute of the three weeks I gave her to conduct this interview. The hypocrisy, of course, is completely crazy by giving the excuse of being too busy to a volunteer who takes time out of a busy life to support her company! After being shot down so directly I contacted and scheduled an interview with the Director of Volunteers at the same location. On the day of the interview she was out sick and failed to contact me so I had to take quick action and interview the Director of Disaster Services. The interview with Pam Bratley turned out great and I can wait to share the article!