Red Cross – Story Focus Sheet

The small lobby at the Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Red Cross is not what inspires the visitors that show up at the company’s local office building. Instead, people will find that the selflessness and goodwill of each and every volunteer is what ensures its mission is carried out so that human suffering can be combated. The power of volunteering is what brings local communities together for a common cause. Until someone has experienced losing a home or a food or water supply, it is hard for them to envision and empathize with someone else living in these circumstances. There are many people however that take time out of their hectic lives to respond to a house fire in order to help the victims impacted to get back on their feet. Also busy taking action are the receptionists, caseworkers, administrative and logistics volunteers along with countless other positions who run a multi faced company with a diverse set of responsibilities.

Pam Bartley, the Central Florida Regions Disaster Program Manager, wants the younger generations to become more involved in their communities. She first was drawn to volunteering while living in South Africa where she took a first aid course for work through the Red Cross. What brought her into this line of work was the amazing experiences gained when helping clients and having those moments that tug on your heart strings. Pam has been to other countries and many states on missions would love for more millennials to be involved in the process.