It was less than a year ago but it feels like all the excitement for soccer has left our country once again, only to return when this year’s 2016 Olympic Games emerge in Brazil. For the last decade, soccer has been knocking on the door of American homes, begging to be followed with the passion that football, baseball, and basketball are. Well it hasn’t broken those barriers yet but it still generates a lot of excitement. Especially when we get to watch a team of amazing women represent our country on the world’s biggest stage.

Abby Wambach is now a household name who holds too many achievements to count. The one thing you can count on though is her being in Tampa to give a lecture on March 12. Without a doubt this will be an event that shouldn’t be missed. I want to cover this event and the topics she will cover which I assume will be women equality in soccer and inspiring words on how to succeed. I would love to also get the perspective of an audience member who is a huge soccer follower and also one who knows little about the sport so readers can enjoy either viewpoint.

Abby 2