Newsy is a website that features news stories as videos. These videos are quick, to the point, and the company claims they are unbiased. Along with these videos are the news stories that are written out. In the text, the journalists place all the sources where they found their information. They also have the link to the original source if the reader wants to more thoroughly read about the events. The variety of news sources is what draws their fans to the website and app.

While visiting the news site I watched a few of their current event videos. One video touched on the huge problem of air pollution in China and if their government is doing anything to combat the problem that kills 1.6 million people in the country per year. It was quick, to the point, and covered a very relevant issue. Not only does the site cover international issues but is also following politics in America. I found many videos talking about the presidential campaigns vying for the white house at the end of this year. Check out the site and see if you enjoy a different way of receiving the news!