After exploring the website Newsy.com, there were many stories that peaked my interest. The one I want to share with you today deals with the major banks that play an instrumental role in our economy. After the 2008 financial crisis that wiped out a lot of wealth that was spread across the country, measures were put in place to ensure banks no longer had absolute freedom which brought on the calamity. For my next project I will delve deeper into the story found at http://www.newsy.com/videos/feds-find-major-banks-don-t-have-a-good-plan-for-failing/ and be able to provide more answers than the short video clip and the article provides. My first sources I will use actually come from the links provided within the article on the website, and these connect to major sources such as the Wall Street Journal, FederalReserve.gov, and FDIC.gov. Because I had just graduated high school and was out on my own when the 2008 finance and housing market came tumbling down, I am now very interested to learn that these same institutions are back to their same old games again. The government has been testing these banks for over 6 years now and most seem to believe that their “to big to fail” reputation will always pave the way for the public to bail them out if they again take a steep nose dive.