When you turn on the television to enjoy a professional basketball game, you have to notice that TIMES HAVE CHANGED! The NBA has moved into an era driven by superstars and marketing. When was the last time you saw a nationally televised game of the Milwaukee Bucks playing the Orlando Magic? Gone are the days where franchises brought together stars with role players and hired head coaches to mold the team into a contender. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, the two superstars on the Los Angels Clippers roster, and arguably two of the top in the whole league are sidelined with injuries. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will loose the first round to the Trailblazers but they defiantly are not getting past the defending champion Golden State Warriors in the second round. But why not? Doc Rivers is being covered in the media as having a daunting challenge for the rest of the playoffs. Isn’t he paid to coach a team and not sit on the sidelines and watch his two superstars carry a team? I mean isn’t that what coaching is all about, setting up a system? Or is it leaving a city once your stars leave and bolt to a different bench where you have superstars to carry you and your team? I do not put all of the blame on the head coaches though because the NBA as a corporation needs the league set up this way to make as much money as possible. The stars run the teams but if they get hurt that same great team turns into a lost cause. Superstars need to stop being called superstars and coaches need to start being labeled as team leaders with authority once again. With that system in place we will be able to enjoy watching more teams like Larry Brown’s 2004 Detroit Pistons win against stacked teams due to amazing coaching and utilizing role players without needing superstars!!!