The NBA playoff are still in the first rounds of basketball but already fans have witnessed some spectacular games and amazing talent. The usual all-stars leading their teams into the final seconds of games and young inexperienced players stepping up to hit big shots when called upon.

The first team, you want to count out of the playoffs is the Utah Jazz. To say that they are a good team with heart that deserves to be in the playoffs is an understatement. They have stood face to face with the flashy and high profile L.A. Clippers throughout their first-round matchup. Yes, one of the three Clippers stars went out with an injury but let me reiterated they have two other huge stars to lead the team. The Jazz meanwhile have been led by their low key all-star Gordon Hayward who recently went out of the last game with food poisoning. The Jazz stayed tough and powered past the Clippers.


When you hear Kawhi Leonard and Lamarcus Aldridge, you normally already want to count out the team they are playing minus a few exceptions. The Memphis Grizzlies however, have been playing with the grit they have for years but now also with a renewed focus. Seeing Randolf go to the bench and out of the starting lineup seemed crazy but the plan has worked out for the team. Mike Conley has lead the team with his clutch shooting and Marc Gasol seems to have polished both his inside and outside games into another dimension. With this series also tied 2-2, it will be a fight to the finish with amazing basketball yet to be seen.


There have been other story-lines and amazing plays that have grabbed the NBA fan’s attention. The two finalist MVP candidates going full throttle to push their teams into the next round. Westbrook still managing triple doubles as his team slowly has fallen to 3-1 in the series. Atlanta could make an interesting match-up in the second round of the playoffs if they can push aside the Washington Wizards led by John Wall.

Leaving out the top seeds from the east and west isn’t a slight to them. They are expected to sweep their first-round opponents with all the money they spend to bring in the players that should push them to a championship. As the playoffs progress we will witness some very hard fought battles indeed.