With the mountains of news stories piling up about President Donald Trump in our media, young people are missing out on huge opportunities to make some extra cash. The President just recently touted the enormous rise in the stock market that has reached all-time highs since he took office. One might see this and think that the easy money has already been made. The truth is however, that there are always different industry sectors making money at various points of time, both good and bad.

A little common sense and homework can propel even the most in-debt college student into a relaxed individual with extra cash in his or her pocket. The problem is getting their focus past their social media infatuation and excuses for not taking the time to invest. Reliance on social media is not always a negative however, if one stops to think about the future of the company they spend so much with and money on, they may have a company to consider investing in.

Many social media companies right now are going public and this sets the public up with an opportunity to buy a company’s shares as it starts its journey as a publicly traded stock. The issue is taking time to research the companies that are set up to conquer their industry and competitors. Take Facebook for example, early investors made a lot of money buying in early because they were sure that it would grow into a powerful tech company. Go Pro on the other hand was a hot commodity for one Christmas season and has seemed to slow down because they have no other direction to go but selling fast action cameras.

Being knowledgeable in national and world news only helps you make more decisive buys in the stock market. With the President and congress ready to push over 1 trillion dollars into infrastructure, a smart move would be considering cement and steel companies poised to get large government contracts to rebuild our roads and bridges.


The Federal Reserve is also pushing interest rates up little by little. When this happens, a smart investor looks for who stands to benefit from these moves… THE BANKS!!! Put a little of your savings in a large bank that will profit from rising interest rates.

The main takeaway is to always be aware of what is going on so you can make your move and make money off it. No one likes to pay more money per gallon of gas at the pump, but investors in oil smile as prices go up because the companies become more profitable and the stick price rises!